10 Sexy Things Every Woman Should Have

Not every woman is feminine no doubt, and some may not exude extraordinary sexiness.  But it doesn’t take much to feel or be or exhibit sexiness.  By all means, it can be expressed in the way she walks, or the manner she talks with her hands, or how she sleeks her hair back out of her face, or the ways she talks with her eyes, and so on…  However, if that’s not working for you, there has to be at least one out of 10 things you can obtain and utilize to present an air of sexiness:

1.       Lipstick or lip gloss

Nothing does the trick like lipstick to highlight your luscious lips to exude the ultimate sexiness.  Use lip gloss for the wet look.

2.       High heels

High heels add height, show the muscle definition in your legs, and can make any woman sexy.

3.       Little black dress

They say every woman should have one for that special occasion.  Black is slimming, if the dress is little, then it must be revealing, which means sexy.  And it should definitely be suited to your body type and easy to slip on and off for those sexy occasions.

4.       Push up bra

Put the twins on display, they are cute after all, and would appeal to any man, not just babies.  This sexy look can be achieved with a push up bra.  Cleavage can be extra sexy.

5.       Pantyhose

Intellectual men are attracted to legs.  Make them sexy by wearing pantyhose, for a tailored, sleek, smooth and silky effect.

6.       Mascara

Sexy is batting your eyes and flapping your eyelashes like a butterfly flaps their pretty wings.  Make them long and curly with mascara for added sex appeal, especially if you are an expert at talking to him with your eyes alone…

7.       Sunglasses

Wear sunglasses for added sex appeal for those attracted to an air of mystery.  If eyes are the soul, I guarantee he can’t wait to look into what’s being hidden by the sunglasses.  Make sure they fit your face and are your style.

8.       Form fitting jeans

Singer Ginuwine sang it best with his song “In those jeans.”  Make sure they fit you like paint.  Skinny jeans are best. http://musicjesus.com/song_37871_Ginuwine-In_Those_Jeans.html

9.       A waist cincher or girdle

The other alternative would be the gym for however long it will take or laser/lipo…  To get the perfect pear/hourglass figure in a short amount of time, it’s okay to cheat.  Accentuate your sexy curves with perfect symmetry.

10.   Nail polish

Make your toes look even more succulent with some color.  For the man with a foot fetish, pretty toes are the ultimate sexy!!!


Bored in life?  No purpose?  It’s funny what can alter one’s lifestyle, or change one’s life, and turn one’s world completely upside down.  It makes living more phenomenal.  Life is short, make the most of it.  Looking for change? Maybe it’s time to change your life’s course, and give more meaning to your feeble existence.  Here is a list of various ways your life can be altered:

1.       Pregnancy

This is an obvious one, not just for mothers.  Getting fat, morning sickness, waking up around the clock and suffering from sleep insomnia, going goo-goo, ga-ga over new baby, not to mention the newly acquired shopping expenses for diapers, clothes, furniture, toys, baby-proofing, etc. you will need…. Definitely life-altering…

2.       New job or Career Change

In this era of economic crisis with increased lay-offs and no jobs, this is definitely exciting, and in some cases much needed.  You’ll learn to switch gears, acquire more skills, utilize past skills, meet new people (work associates) and the like, and hopefully increase income.

3.       Attending a University or Acquiring more education

You are sure to learn and acquire more skills and knowledge, forge new relationships and networks…  Improve your social life –via parties, fraternity or sorority gatherings, and the like.  A wonderful experience to have in which you will assuredly have new life experiences.

4.       Marriage or a new relationship

Love is always life altering, marriage especially if you can make it through the first 2 years and thereafter.

5.       Divorce or a break up

Need I say more… Getting used to not waking up to the one you used to love can be a remarkable or horribly depressing experience in and of itself.

6.       Attending or joining a church

You will definitely have a new network of friends or associates, and hopefully acquire spiritual fulfillment or happiness and deeper insight and understanding.

7.       Joining a fitness club

Getting physical not only alters the body, but can alter your lifestyle, especially if you adopt a healthy eating strategy and keep it up. You will build more self confidence, be more active and might possibly need a new wardrobe, and become a new person.  Don’t let weight hold you down, alter your life.

8.       Adopting a new style

Get a new hairstyle and adopt a new style of dress and see how it can alter your life, by altering your self esteem, and increasing your happiness, which in turn will affect how others see you and treat you or react towards you.

9.       Consulting a Feng Shui expert for your home or interior decorator

Improving your environment, whether becoming more organized or adding beauty and aesthetic s to your surroundings, can improve what’s inside of you, thus attract wealth, passion, success and the like, -ultimately altering your life.

10.   Learning a new skill (example: playing an instrument, learning a new language, etc.)

Knowledge is power.  Acquiring a new skill can be enriching and improve your confidence and increase your talents, or income, and change your life.

11.   Starting  a new hobby

Why not start a new collection or hone in on a new skill or activity you enjoy doing to enhance your life?

12.   Travel

Travelling always brings about renewed energy, insight and freedom of spirit.  It can be life altering in the sense one broadens their horizons, so to speak, and integrates discovery and adventure into their life.

13.   Volunteering

Can be good for the soul, undoubtedly; enriching one’s life by giving one’s time, help, and attention to those who need it.  Giving back always results in blessings, esteem and abundant happiness.

14.   Talking to a therapist or psychologist, seeking counseling

Whether you have a problem, unresolved childhood issues, or not, talking to someone can always help put you back on track; seeking solvency or resolutions to have a more fulfilling life, and move forward is always helpful and can be life altering.  Letting go of the pain or anger to increase harmony in one’s life is absolutely necessary for a peaceful life.

15.   Networking, Meeting New People, Making new friends

Whether you join a social community, such as Toastmasters or a Zumba class, etc., increasing your network of friends can always change your life, as you have new experiences and create memories with friends.

16.   Moving, Changing locations

No place is ever the same, whether you move to a new home, acquire new neighbors and scenery, or move across states, countries or continents.  There’s always a different aura, energy or feel everywhere you go, that can alter your life.

17.   Starting a business or non-profit organization or ministry

Get ready for the ride of your life; -it can be a rollercoaster, but very rewarding in terms of income or personal enrichment. It’s a definite life altering experience.

18.   Recycling  or Gardening

Loving the earth, so to speak, is always life changing in that it can be enriching to your soul, increase your health and well-being and improve the environment.

19.   Reading

Again, knowledge is power.  The more knowledge acquired, the more your life can be altered, whether you increase your success, income, or overall output, existence and well-being.  There is no limit to what you can learn.

20.   Confronting your fear

This is definitely life changing in the sense, when we confront our fears, we gain a sense of empowerment and control within our lives for ourselves.  If you are afraid of spiders for example, hold a tarantula within a controlled environment with an expert to monitor you.  Take baby steps in conquering your fears if necessary.

21.   Death

Though perhaps for the worse, as you will inevitably miss your deceased loved on, it alters one’s life in ways most don’t want to comprehend.


Overall, change is inevitable.  Your life will and can be altered, whether you personally implement change or the universe takes the helm.  Your life will never be the same, but that can be a good thing, in order for us to evolve and grow on all levels…

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